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LepidaSpA adds value to previous investments in infrastructures developing innovative services and their integration on the network, giving more value to the Local Authorities using the infrastructure.


LepidaSpA organizes the services according to the Digital Administration  Model, implemented by the Community Network of Emilia-Romagna: it is based on the full use of shared platforms, databases and related fundamental basic functionality. It is a model that supports collaboration between Public Administrations, interoperability, not only as a technological concept , but also as an organisational one, creating a network where each entity is a fundamental node that contributes to the overall development.


LepidaSpA is in charge of design, development, creation, operation and monitoring of a set of specific services to be dsitributed to shareholders using the required network resources; services can be already available in the LepidaSpa portfolio or can be acquired within the PiTER resources. LepidaSpa is evolving towards the cloud paradigm as far as the services distribution is concerned.

ICT applications and services:

  • enabling horizontal ICT platforms and services for the Public Administration (Federated Authentication, Payment platform, ..)
  • on-line e-Governement services and interaction among P.A., enterprises and citizens


DocER is the technological solution for document management, shared by local authorities in Emilia-Romagna.

DossiER is a service supporting simplification and dematerialisation , developed by LepidaSpa. It allows citizens and companies to access their personal file collecting in a structured fashion, all information concerning them from various administrations.

FedERa is the Emilia-Romagna system for identity management, permitting citizens, companies and public employees to access with a single username and password the on line services provided by the “federated”public administrations.

IcarER is the infrastructure for the applicative cooperation among public administrations. It allows for the exchange of data among the information systems of different public bodies, in an interoperable manner.

PayER is the platform for on line payments to public administrations, implemented by LepidaSpA.

TappER is a system to help public administrations develop  applications offering citizens a simple access to on line services from mobile devices.

The digital stamp is a service offered to public administrations from LepidaSpA to support dematerialisation.

Web CMS ia service for the creation, customisation and hosting of web sites  for local administations, based on Drupal CMS.



ACI Vesta is an application devised for  public employees: it is able to support enquiries on the  Municipal DB on real estates, making it possible to find data  related to the cadastre for each estate using simple keywords such as street, flat number…..

ACSOR is an extended municipal registry containing data on people and real estates  and their relations (usage and property), so to help integrate and  further reclaim  data base already in use.

ANA-CNER is an interoperable system to access personal data relative to the population living in Emilia-Romagna.This will support local authorities in the decertification process.

FlowER is the dematerialisation programme to support Emilia-Romagna local administrations. It helps them towards: a more efficient document management, procedures simplification, rationalisation of dematerialisation processes.

MultiplER is a system to store, adapt and broadcast  live and on demand multimedia contents. It operates through different channels such as DTT, web, mobile devices.

PARIX is a platform to access data from the Companies registration office.


A&C stands for Authorisations and Grants (“concessioni “in italian): it is an application which is used to send  dossiers related to manufacturing  and trading permissions to the public administration via on line procedures

The application for Demographic services permits citizens to ask for  certificates, send self declarations and communicate information to the registry office

Rilfedeur is a system aimed at monitoring, collecting, classifying and managing complaints on urban decay filed  from citizens.

SuapER is the regional platform supporting local authorities in Emilia-Romagna in managing the on line front office related to the one stop shop for manufacturing/trading activities.



Qualification: LepidaSpA offers to all its shareholders a service aimed at qualifying back office software (open or proprietary), compliant with a set of specifications defined regionally. This to facilitate the creation of a common architecture enabling cooperation and the integration with platforms and data base described above.

IT rationalisation LepidaSpA coordinates a programme aimed at supporting local authorities in rationalising IT resources. This is in line with the regional law 21/2012 reorganising the local government system.



Support to innovation processes and organisational change  for the creation of  a digital administration: key elements of this model are administrative simplification and reduction of the time for services delivery


Kussai Shahin

Unit Director

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