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LepidaSpA is in charge of all acitivities related to management and development of Lepida Network and ERretre Network, guaranteeing connection with the Public Connectivity System.


The regional broadband networks of the Public Administrations
Lepida Network is the network linking all Local Administrations in Emilia-Romagna;  it was established by a Regional Law (11/2004) . It is mostly constituted of optical fibers links, whilst it reaches mountain areas with Hyperlan technologies. It includes 64.000 Km optic fibre, 2.700 Km infrastrucutres and more than 720 points of access. Over the years the Lepida Network went through important changes that  today make of it a NGN network with 2 Gbps guaranteed in the optical fibre points and connected with a high capacity backbone to MIX Milan, AmsIX Amsterdam, DECIX in  Frankfurt, LINX in London, FRANCEIX in Paris, LUCIX in Luxemburg, VSIX in Padoa, TOPIX in Turin and SIX in the USA. This guarantees high Internet performances to our shareholders whilst allowing local telecom operators to develop and access the most relevant Internet eXchange oints.


Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs), co-funded by the Region and local PPAA , MAN are extension of the Lepida Network (optical fiber) within urban areas in order to connect the single buildings of Public Administrations. Regional Digital Radio Network (ERretre) is a regional emergency digital radio network, it is multiservice and is used by Local Police Forces, Civil Defense and Emergency medical services. It is integrated with the Lepida Network (optical fibre network).


Lepida Wireless Networks: extension of the Lepida Network, basically backbones in radio technology,   to connect  Public Administrations in Digital Divide areas purposes. The network was started to help local administrations overcome digital divide problems but subsequelntly gave smilar opportunities to citizens and entreprises too. Some tracts in the mountain areas were developed trhough PPP.


Digital Divide
In the years LepidaSpA has developed solutions for the enhancement of existing infrastructures, especially aimed at the reduction of Digital Divide for citizens and enterprises. For this activity LepidaSpA has signed agreements with Local Telecom Operators to whom it provides broadband or transportation at an affordable cost; this enables them to grow and provide increasingly efficient private services.We can therefore define LepidaSpA as a "business accelerator", supporting companies in the specific area of TLC, but more generally local businesses, that - through the ultra- broadband - can continue to be competitive on the global market.


Cristiano Passerini

Unit Director


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