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Participation in European projects is considered an opportunity to consolidate research with additional funding, but also to be able to get to know and possibly reuse  best practices developed in other European regions. 

LepidaSpA is interested in the area of research and development, to keep an  open window on technological developments and trends; interregional cooperation is of interest too, although more aimed at pooling the best practices and regional policies in support of innovation.

LepidaSpA has participated in the following international partnerships:



LepidaSpA is the Lead partner of RainBo project (15 CCA/IT/000035) that aims to improve the knowledge, methods and tools to respond to extreme weather events and focuses particularly on potential impacts of the catastrophic rains in river basins (the so-called flash flooding).

Medium-term objective of the project is to build a possible response system (forecasting models, warning protocols) for emergency situations resulting from sudden and destructive weather events.

The planned actions are: implementation an advanced monitoring framework based on LepidaSpA network called SensorNet, creating a software platform and a support forecasting model for Public Administration in case of catastrophic weather events as well as the development of a response protocol (warning) in order to alert the potential impact of catastrophic events on risky territories.

The RainBo project will help achieve the policy objectives by supporting the development and implementation of local adaptation strategies and action plans against the risk of flooding, according to:
    ▪ a better understanding of the phenomena
    ▪ through advanced technologies for environmental monitoring

RainBo will also help to provide answers to the EU Directive (2007/60/ EC), which requires Member States to assess flood risk for all streams, to map the flood extent and assets and humans at risk in these areas and to take adequate measures and coordinated.


Platform for the Information Technology Aimed at Getting Opportunities to reduce ICT Gap in the Adriatic Area (Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Programme). Main goal of the project is to understand how progressing in IT  can support a more general economic development in the involved regions. The project was completed in July 2014.

South East Europe jointly developed Common advanced Virtual  Accessibility solutions to support public services. (South East Europe Programme). The project focuses on possible uses of cloud computing from public administrations, so as to support  access to e-government , to shared infrastructures and possible common European policies to conrast new dgtal diveides in south east Europe.

The objective of the thematic network SABER (Satellite Broadband for European Regions) is to support the regions in making decisions about the portfolio of technologies that can be used to overcome the digital divide (first and second generation), with specific focus on satellite technology. The project has produced many interesting materials, including a crash course on satellite technologies, guidelines on the use of European funds against the digital divide and on public procurement of satellite services. The project was completed in October 2014.


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