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The European Digital Agenda has defined that within 2020 all european citizens and companies will have 30Mbps available, and that at least 50% of the population makes use of 100Mbps.


This target is very relevant for companies that need high bandwidth and a reliable and symmetric service to be able to support new working paradigms.


This is why in 2013 LepidaSpA started to connect via optic fibre productive areas in digital divide, with a public and private partnership initiative. The model is acted by the public system (Municipalities, LepidaSpA) making available for free the facilities (passive infrastructures) owned by the public sector deemed useful for the realisation of this new infrastructure , whilst the companies residing in the area will pay for the fiber and its laying, as an una tantum contribution. The resulting network becomes a public infrastructure that is made available for free for 15 years (renewable) to the co-financing companies . The connectivity and other added value services will be provided by private TLC operators buying transport or bandwidth from Lepida Spa, at an extremely favorable cost. This will allow for a price list comparable to the ones applied to non digital divide areas, abolishing another element of discrimination among different locations.


This initiative won the European Broadband Award 2016 for the category “Cost reduction and co-investment”.



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