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LepidaSpA is the end result of a process started at the beginning of 2000 , with the design and realization of an homogeneous and efficient broadband network (Lepida Network) linking  with optic fibre all local authorities in our region.

The aim was to make available to the regional Public Administration an efficient, up-to-date network, with high quality and reliability, available at a moderate price and managed in a unified mode. The same reason led us to set up the ERtre Network, the multiservice emergency mobile radio network.

LepidaSpA has an integrated approach to infrastructure development, which proved to be useful also in contrasting digital divide.

LepidaSpA therefore is the operational structure created by the government of Regione Emilia-Romagna to plan, develop and manage in a unified manner the telecommunication infrastructures of local Public Administrations, connected through Lepida Network; this grants the use of the services provided by the network and the transition towards NGAN to all shareholders.

LepidaSpA acts within the Community Network of Emilia-Romagna (CNER, an Agreement between all the Local Public Administrations for the implementation of the actions and initiatives related to the digitllaisation of administration) on two levels: it works on the technological dimension to realize and optimize the broadband infrastructure, but also on the development of innovative services, coherent with the Regional ICT Plan (PiTER).

LepidaSpA is also in charge of including all local authorities in the national Connectivity Public System, following the concept of Community Network.

LepidaSpA supports Public Administrations towards innovation, creating opportunities for ICT providers for the Public Administration market  and operating as facilitator in this area.


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